Forklift Safety Zone Lighting


The purpose of the safety zone light is to ensure pedestrians stay a safe distance away from the forklift. The safety zone light projects a bright red or blue line on the floor to keep pedestrians away. This zone can be adjusted to the distance of your choice. This helps prevent foot injuries and collisions from rear end swing, as well as, showing a NO GO ZONE around any piece of materials handling equipment. This product is available in multiple voltages and is available in either Blue or Red.ire.


Here we have retro-fitted Safety lighting for one of our customers own forklifts. When a workplace is busy or noisy, you can’t always rely on auditory cues to know where trucks are operating. If there are a number of forklifts driving around, or a number of forklifts or machinery operating in the area, then a forktruck just around the corner may become difficult to pick out. This safety alert system uses high-powered LEDs to cast bright, bold lines on the floor behind and to the sides of a truck. These clearly show to all working in the area of the truck, the minimum distance they must maintain to continue working safely, and when a site is busy this extra visual clue can make all the difference. Available for use with ALL new trucks, as well as ALL older models

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