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CAT Power Pallet Truck – NPR20N

Key Specification

Stand on power pallet truck, with 2000kg lift capacity.

Lower Cost of Ownership

  • The NPR20N is especially designed for horizontal transport of loads up to 2.0 tonnes, across the longer distances in your warehouse.
  • A narrow overall chassis width and a fully electronic steering system with limitless 360-degree steering make the NPR20N highly manoeuvrable.
  • The design of the NPR20N allows easy access to all the main components for fast service and maintenance. The controller with built-in diagnostics helps to reduce down time to minimum.
  • Tilting panel with gas spring for easy battery maintenance.

Unmatched Productivity

  • Powerful AC drive motor and state-of-the-art electronics guarantee high productivity with quick acceleration, strong regenerative braking and a high driving speed even with nominal load. Each function can be programmed separately to the application needs and the operator’s preference.
  • Limitless 360-degree electric steering system.
  • Traction battery on rollers for easy battery exchange.
  • AC drive motor optimises performance.
  • Latest technology AC controller with fully programmable functions like speed, acceleration, regenerative braking, etc.
  • Rounded fork tips ensure smooth pallet handling.

Safety & Ergonomics 

  • Ergonomic, functional steering console for precise and comfortable manoeuvring.
  • Standard console display includes warning lights, drive direction indicator, hour meter and battery charge indicator.
  • The ergonomic layout of the controls on the console contributes to smooth and easy operation. The comfortable operator’s compartment has a cushioned backrest and a suspended floor, an arm rest is optional.


  • Cold store modifications.
  • Wide variety of fork dimensions.
  • Pallet entry and exit rollers.
  • Adjustable arm rest.
  • Choice of drive wheels.
  • Inverted steering direction.
  • Special colors and brand covers.
  • List bracket.
  • Computer holder.
  • Key switch.



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