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CAT Hand Pallet Truck – NPPL12

Key Specification

Maximum Lift capacity: 1200kg


Lower Cost of Ownership

• Removable easy exchangeable maintenance-free high capacity 48V Lithium-Ion battery provides 6 hours effective use.

• External charger, possible to charge the battery onboard with only 3.5 hours charging time.

• Maintenance free brushless (AC) and gearless wheel hub motor with no wearable components, like carbon brushes or contactors, to replace over time.

• Easy maintenance with no expensive handheld required, only a laptop, software, and cable. Unscrew the cover and connect the cable to your device.

• Convenient to replace the steering wheel.

Safety and Ergonomics

• Multi-function control handle incorporates: butterfly-style thumb controls, emergency reverse button, horn button, and key switch.

• Ergonomic spring-loaded steering handle with comfort grip for reduced operator fatigue.


• Integrated battery status indicator.

• Fork tip rollers for easy pallet entry and exit.

• A single piece casted rocker arm for strength and stability.

• No leaking hazardous battery gases and acids while charging does not require watering, Lithium-ion technology makes interim charges possible.

Unmatched Productivity

• High quality stable construction gives a stable and durable platform.

• Suitability for short and mid-distance runs makes the truck highly flexible and further enhances productivity.

• Compact design, low service weight and small turning radius allows it to be used in confined spaces such as: retail, trailers, containers, and small warehouses.


An ideal solution for transporting loads up to 1.2 tonnes. It excels in light to medium-duty indoor applications such as: workshop, retail, small super market, cargo containers and general warehousing.




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