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CAT DP15-35N Diesel Counter Balance

Key Specification

  • Full hydrostatic steering
  • Fully floating powertrain
  • Presence Detection System (PDS)
  • Drum Brake System
  • Drawbar pin
  • Steering wheel knob
  • 2 Flood, stop, rear and indicator LED lights
  • Tilt cylinders
  • Battery quick-disconnect terminal
  • Fan guard
  • Double action parking brake with audible alarm
  • Undercover / Belly plate
  • Tilt steering column with memory position
  • 1-Speed Powershift transmission for all models
  • 3-Way hydraulic Control Valve
  • Load backrest
  • Single pneumatic drive and steer tires
  • Single solid pneumatic drive and steer tires
    for 20CN model
  • Full suspension vinyl seat with belt and seat switch
    (seat switch disables hydraulic functions if
    operator is not seated)
  • Single cast drive-axle (no oil leakage)
  • Engine cover opening latch with engine shut-off sensor
  • Rubber Floor Mat
  • Straight fin type radiator
  • Audible back-up alarm
  • Low Exhaust
  • Elevated air intake
  • Auto light control (ambient light sensor)
  • Noise insulation (low noise package)
  • Heavy duty grill
  • CE compliant engine
  • Anti-skid step (on both sides)


Model   Load Capacity     
DP30N 3000 kg
DP25N 2500 kg
DP20N 2000 kg
DP15N 1500 kg
DP35N 3500 kg
DP20CN        2000 kg
DP18N 1750 kg


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Further Information

Regardless of the application expectation, these compact engine powered models have deservedly acquired a name synonymous with durability. The stylish exterior contains a truck built to last. The high air intake, strong fan cooling and enhanced dust filters make these amongst the most dependable vehicles available. Add proven, ergonomic features such as finger-tip hydraulic controls and you have a tool that will continue to repay your investment over and over again.

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