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Investing in your business is crucial, but tying up your working capital could mean missing out on other opportunities. The decision of how to fund the purchase of forklifts and materials handling equipment is an important one. That is why Hannamans offer a range of financial options that can be carefully structured to meet with your organisations needs!

As an FCA compliant credit dealer Hannamans are well equipped to arrange finance thats suits most of our customers budgets.

How does it Work?

  • Choose the piece of equipment you need, and the payment period that’s right for you
  • Agree a repayment amount to suit your budget
  • Payment is then divided equally over the term
  • At the end of the contract we can either re-negotiate a further hire term if you wish to keep the piece of equipment on hire or alternatively we will collect the equipment from your premise

Contract Hire

If you would like to use a forktruck for a set period with no unexpected costs then contract hire may be the option for you!

Contract Hire is an agreed fixed monthly charge which covers both the finance and the maintenance element of the equipment through out the term. The agreement runs for a specified period which can be from 2 up to 7 years with the equipment being collected at the end of the term when a new fork truck can be supplied.

The first step to discovering the right deal for your business is to ask questions. As a reputable independent dealer we will discuss your business financial goals and take you through the range of options available. Working together we’ll find the solution that suits your business and your budget.

No Hidden Extras

  • Fixed costs for finance including full service and maintenance for the term of the contract
  • Fixed budgeting with no unexpected repair bills
  • Contract history and service data easily accessible throughout the term
  • Hassle free disposal of the truck at the end of the contract
  • No Final Payment

Accounting & Financial Benefits

  • Forklift Trucks can be acquired without having to call on cash reserves
  • Tax relief on the whole rental amount can be claimed through your profit and loss account
  • VAT is payable on monthly/quarterly rentals and not upfront in one lump sum

Hire Purchase

If you want to own your fork lift truck today but spread the payment over time then Hire Purchase/Lease Purchase is the solution

It offers the same tax benefits as paying cash but allows you to spread the cost of a number of years with the period and payments agreed at the outset. At the end of the agreement you retain ownership of the forktruck equipment. During the agreement apart from claiming Capital Allowances, all interest payable can be offset against taxable income

Improves your Cash Flow

  • Allows you to acquire fork trucks without having to call on cash reserves
  • Able to use the truck to generate income as you pay
    for it
  • Agreed monthly payments
  • No Final Payment

Accounting & Financial Benefits

  • Capital Allowance on the fork lift truck can be claimed
  • VAT is immediately recoverable on the whole of the purchase
  • Interest elements of you repayments are allowable against taxable profits

Finance Lease

Would you like the benefit from the advantage of financing a forklift truck only – without any service & maintenance?

Ideal if you wish to use the equipment without owning it, fixing your rental payments from day one and having the flexibility to retain use of the fork truck at the end of the agreement subject to an nominal annual rental. Normally matched to a planned replacement period

Then Finance Lease may be the option for you!

Improves your Cash Flow

  • Low initial outlay, frees up capital for your business
  • VAT is paid on the monthly rentals and not the purchase cost, more effective for budgeting
  • Rates, and therefore rentals, are fixed from the onset for more effective budgeting
  • No Final Payment

Tax Benefit

  • 100% of your forklift rentals are allowable against tax

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