Access Platform Hire is one of the key services available at Hannaman Material Handling. We understand that every customer, project and season is different and we know your business needs are ever changing. Our goal is to meet your Access Platform Hire needs – be it a single pallet truck or a fleet of forklifts, we have the resources and facilities to cope with most requests.

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Emergency Replacement: If your equipment is down and you simply have no time for down time, a short term Access Platform Hire is the ideal way to ensure you hit your targets whilst your own equipment is being serviced or repaired.

Infrequent Application: You may need a certain piece of equipment to fulfil a certain task, however not regularly enough to warrant purchasing the machinery yourself. Our short-term hire range has a complete selection of equipment, including industrial floor care.

Seasonal Demand: Using short-term hire to help you facilitate seasonal rises in the demand of your forklift fleet you gain a cost effective solution, which eliminates the unnecessary costs of idle equipment.

Unexpected Demand: An unforeseen trend leads your company to experiencing a much higher volume of sales than anticipated. We have trucks ready for you so you can handle the excess workload.

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